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React, Firebase, authentication, serverless backend, Tailwind CSS, and payments are all hooked up and ready for your next project.

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It's truly incredible. So so impressed by how easy and seamless this has been. This is state of the art.

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Mason Mahaffey

I enjoyed the starter kit quite a bit! I actually downloaded it to check out a real world example of a firebase app, since I've never made one! The repo and project are great, and have been a good learning experience!

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Aaron Westbrook

React SaaS Template

A better way to start your next SaaS business

Coding from scratch each time you start a new project is painful, takes a long time, and does not add value. Jump right into creating your core product and build on top of a proven and scalable tech stack.


Next.js provides a unique developer experience, bundling and routing without any complex setup. It creates optimized production code ready to be deployed to the web. This starter uses the static export feature of Next.js to generate a static website that can be hosted via Firebase Hosting.


A modern way to build interactive UIs that are fast, simple, and responsive. Using components to compose your app will make your codebase easy to maintain, and you benefit from a vast ecosystem of libraries and support.


Providing well-built, documented, and scalable solutions from database, file storage, global CDN hosting, and authentication to serverless backends. Everything you need to provide a rich, secure app that scales to millions of users.

Tailwind CSS

No more naming CSS classes! Tailwind is a utility-first CSS framework that allows you to build your UI quicker than ever - beautiful, consistent, and responsive.

Stripe Payments

Payments infrastructure for the internet - Collect one-off or subscription payments from people worldwide.


Send transactional and marketing emails and get them to the inbox on time, every time. Postmark is a fast and reliable email delivery service for developers.

Cookie Banner

Includes a non-intrusive cookie banner. Limits functionality of certain scripts like Analytics and Ads before the user accepts the use.


Securing your data, users, and access is complex and time-consuming if you want to do it well. Rely on the experts of Google by using Firebase Authentication.

React & FirebaseSaaS starter

14-day money back guarantee

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Streamlined developer experience

There are a hundred choices to make to create a modern web app. We have chosen a powerful but easy-to-use tech stack. You will be able to start from a solid foundation rather than plugging in all the essential elements yourself. Save days, if not weeks, of your time.

Authentication Pages and Logic

It would be best if you never implemented authentication yourself. Take the security of your users seriously and use existing solutions like Firebase Authentication from Google. We pre-build the authentication (email + password) flow for you, including the sign-up, login, password reset pages, and the redirect to your website's protected pages.

Chat widget

The SaaS starter includes a chat widget for your users to contact you. Start an interactive chat discussion and notify the users via in-app chat messages and notifications - no need for expensive third-party providers to interact with your users.


You don't have to worry about configuring servers, paying for unused capacity, and scaling. With the focus on serverless architecture, all chosen technologies will scale from one to millions of users without hiring a single backend expert.


Make use of the best authentication and security practices. Rely on experts at Google to secure the infrastructure and build on the shoulder of giants. The documentation includes examples of security rules and unit tests of them.

Analytics & Cookie Banner

Measure the performance of your React app in terms of page visits, session duration, event collection, and much more with Plausible Analytics or Google Analytics 4. The analytic functionality for Google Analytics is embedded using a custom cookie banner.


End-to-end test using Playwright with many examples based on this starter and security rules tests for Firestore with Mocha.


We try to make the use of this starter as seamless as possible. All the used technologies are documented, and by following our step-by-step guide, you will be setup within minutes.

Lifetime access and updates

No subscription! Buy once and save yourself a lot of coding time now and enjoy all future updates! Use it for as many commercial and non-commercial websites as you like.

React & FirebaseSaaS starter

14-day money back guarantee

What's included

  • React full-stack website set-up for development and production.
  • This landing page and the protected pages after signing in.
  • Authentication workflows and pages.
  • TailwindCSS for rapid and seamless UI and UX development.
  • Real-time database with Firestore and tested security rules.
  • Chat widget to directly chat with and contact your users.
  • Payments with Stripe.
  • Transactional emails with Postmark and email templates.
  • REST API backend and serverless Cloud Functions set-up.
  • Cookie banner and Google Analytics integration.
  • Easy to use and powerful state management.
  • End-to-end tests with Playwright.
  • Uses Next.js for development and production-ready static HTML export.
  • Lifetime access and updates.
  • Use for an unlimited number of personal or commercial projects.

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